Save Time and Money with Macks Direct Repair Program

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Macks Auto Body is proud to participate in collision repair programs that make our customers’ lives easier. We partner with most major insurance providers to offer a direct repair program (DRP), which streamlines the collision repair process, saves money, and provides a lifetime guarantee on body work.

A DRP is an arrangement we have with the insurance provider that takes steps out of the estimating and repair processes by allowing Auto Craft personnel to perform the vehicle inspection according to criteria provided by the insurer. This means less hassle for the customer; you don’t have to coordinate paperwork, get multiple cost quotes and generally do more running around.

Does a DRP Give Me the Best Price on Auto Body Repair?

This is a common question, as DRPs don’t require you to gather competitive cost quotes for your auto body repair. The answer is a resounding “yes.” The insurance companies have established cost structures for these programs that include a best-price guarantee, thanks to their relationships with top body shops and parts suppliers. Basically, the work you would have done to find the repair price is paralleled in the way DRP programs function.

Will a DRP Force Me to Accept Aftermarket Parts for My Repair?

Work done under a direct repair program may include both aftermarket and OEM parts, but the fact is that this is true of any repair. Insurance companies frequently specify aftermarket parts, and will only pay for the parts they specify, so direct repair programs are not much different than other repairs.

What’s the difference between OEM and aftermarket parts?

Direct repair program or not, your estimate will clearly indicate which type of parts the insurer has approved, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting from Auto Craft under all circumstances. They also have to warrant in writing that the aftermarket parts are as good as the OEM parts, which is part of your standard lifetime guarantee on the work. You can switch to OEM parts in cases where aftermarket is specified, but you’ll probably have to pay the cost difference out of pocket, depending on your individual policy.

The good news is that direct repair programs save you time and money, repairs are completed faster, and you still have control over the process. It’s just a more streamlined process.

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